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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a 1989 film and the third film in the Indiana Jones film series about archeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones on the search to rescue his father and find the Holy Grail before the Nazis do.

Directed by Steven Spielberg. Written by Jeffrey Boam, based on a story by George Lucas and Menno Meyjes.

Have the Adventure of Your Life Keeping Up With The Joneses. Taglines


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  • Archeology is the search for fact, not truth. If it's truth you're interested in, Dr. Tyree's philosophy class is right down the hall. [the students laugh] So forget any ideas you've got about lost cities, exotic travel, and digging up the world. We do not follow maps to buried treasure, and X never, ever marks the spot. 70% of all archaeology is done in the library. Researching. Reading. We cannot afford to take mythology at face value.
  • [To the passengers, after tossing Colonel Vogel out of the zeppelin] No ticket! [the terrified passengers frantically show their tickets]

Henry Jones (Sr.)


  • [after making a German plane crash by frightening seagulls into the sky] I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne: "Let my armies be the rocks and the trees - and the birds in the sky."
  • [pops out of the hatch after Indy saves him] You call this archeology?
  • [At a Nazi rally in Berlin] My boy, we're pilgrims in an unholy land.



[Fedora and the henchmen cornered Young Indy on the roof of the circus train]
Fedora: You've got heart, kid, but that cross is mine!
Young Indy: It belonged to Coronado!
Fedora: Coronado is dead, and so are his grandchildren!
Young Indy: This should be in the museum.
Roscoe: [tries to grab the cross] Now give me that!
[But the snake crawled from Young Indy to Roscoe as he grabbed it by mistake, and screamed]
Panama Hat: Small world Dr. Jones.
Indy: Too small for two of us.
Panama Hat: [finds the Cross of Coronado in Indiana's pocket] This is the second time I've had to reclaim my property from you.
Indy: It belongs in a museum!
Panama Hat: [sarcastically] So do you! [to his henchmen] Throw him over the side!
[Indy noticed that Elsa is driving the boat towards two giant ships]
Indy: Are you crazy?! Don't go between them!
Elsa: [not hearing] Go between them! Are you crazy?!
[Indy and Elsa got between two large ships]
Indy: [taking over the wheel] I said "go around!"
Elsa: You said "go between them!"
Indy: I said "don't go between them!"
[Indy crashes though the window into the room, and got to his feet. Then a vase comes crashing down on the back of his head. Stunned, Indy sinks to one knee...and Indy's father, Professor Henry Jones, steps out of the shadows]
Henry Sr.: [surprised] Junior?
Indy: [stands up] Yes, sir.
Henry Sr.: [relieved] It is you Junior!
Indy: [annoyed] Don't call me that, please.
Henry Sr.: [amazed] But what are you doing here?
Indy: I came to get you! What do you think?
[Nazi voices are heard, approaching, and Indy and Henry press themselves against the wall]
Henry Sr.: [holding a broken vase in his hand] Late Fourteenth Century, Ming Dynasty. Oh, it breaks the heart.
Indy: [quietly to himself] And the head. [to Henry, aggrievedly] You hit me, Dad!
Henry Sr.: [referring to the vase] I'll never forgive myself-
Indy: [surprised, misunderstanding] Don't worry, I'm fine.
Henry Sr.: Thank God! [Indy smiles]'s fake. See, you can tell by the cross section. [throws the vase against the wall where it shatters]
Indy: [surprised] No! Dad, get your stuff. We've got to get out of here.
Henry Sr.: Well, I am sorry about your head, though. But I thought you were one of them.
Indy: Dad, they come in through the doors.
Henry: [chuckles] Good point. [Indy steps to the door and stands, listening] But better safe than sorry. [slides his umbrella through the straps of his bag] Humpf. so I was wrong this time. But by God, I wasn't wrong when I mailed you my Diary. You obviously got it.
Indy: I got it and I used it. We found the entrance to the catacombs.
Henry Sr.: [excited] Through the library?
Indy: Right.
Henry Sr.: I knew it. And the tomb of Sir Richard?
Indy: [nods] Found it.
Henry Sr.: [breathless] He was actually there? You saw him?
Indy: Well, what was left of him.
Henry Sr.: [trembling with anticipation] And his shield...the inscription on Sir Richard's shield...?
Indy: Alexandretta.
Henry Sr.: [then turns to Indy with joy] Alexandretta...of course...on the pilgrim trail from the Eastern Empire. Oh, Junior... [Indy winces] did it.
Indy: No, Dad. You did. Forty years.
Henry Sr.: If only I could have been with you.
Indy: There were rats, Dad.
Henry Sr.: [horrified] Rats?
Indy: Yeah, big ones. What do the Nazis want with you Dad?
Henry Sr.: [remembered] They want my diary.
Indy: [interested] Yeah?
Henry Sr.: I knew I had to get that book as far away from me as I possibly could.
Indy: [thoughtfully] Yeah...
[Then...Bam! The door is kicked open and three Nazis enter. One is a commander. The other two are soldiers with machine guns. Henry and Indy raise their hands]
Nazi Commander: Dr. Jones.
Henry Sr. and Indy: Yes?
Nazi Commmander: I will take the book now.
Henry Sr. and Indy: What book?
Nazi Commander: You have the diary in your pocket.
Henry Sr.: [laughs] You dolt! Do you really think my son is that stupid to bring my diary all the way back here? [to Indy] Y-You didn't, did you?...You didn't bring it, did you?
Indy: Well, uh...
Henry Sr.: You did.
Indy: [motioning to the Nazis] Look, can we discuss this later?
Henry Sr.: I should have mailed it to the Marx Brothers!
Indy: Would you take it easy?
Henry Sr.: Take it easy?! Why do you think I sent it home in the first place?! So it wouldn't fall into their hands!
Indy: [angrily] I came here to save you!
Henry Sr.: Oh yeah?! And who's gonna come to save you, Junnior?!
Indy: I TOLD YOU...!!! [grabs a gun and shoots the Nazi soldiers] don't call me "Junior". [runs out of the room]
Henry Sr.: [shocked] Look what you did! I can't believe what you did! [Indy yanks him away]
[The Nazis claim they have a lead on Marcus Brody]
Indy: The hell you will! He's got a two-day head start on you, which is more than he needs. Brody's got friends in every town and village from here to the Sudan. He speaks a dozen languages, knows every local custom. He'll blend in, disappear. You'll never see him again. With any luck, he's got the Grail already.
[Cut to Marcus arriving at the train station in İskenderun]
Brody: Does anyone here speak English? Or even Ancient Greek? Uh, water? No thank you, sir. No. Fish make love in it. Thank you so much. No, I really don't want...No, no, thank you very much. No thank you, madam. I'm a vegetarian. Does anyone understand a word I'm saying here?!
[Both Indy and Henry are trapped in the room, which is now on fire, while being tied to the chairs]
Indy: Dad!
Henry Sr.: What?!
Indy: DAD!
Henry Sr. WHAT?!
Indy: DAD!!!
Henry Sr.: WHAT?!?!
Indy: [beat] Head for the fireplace!
Henry Sr.: Oh.
[Indy and Henry ride to a crossroad on a motorbike and sidecar]
Henry Sr.: Stop, wait, stop! Stop! We're going the wrong way. We have to get to Berlin.
Indy: Brody's this way.
Henry Sr.: My diary's in Berlin.
Indy: We don't need the diary, Dad! Marcus has the map!
Henry Sr.: There is more in the diary than just the map.
Indy: [cuts the motorbike's engine] All right, Dad. Tell me.
Henry Sr.: Well, he who finds the Grail, must face the final challenge.
Indy: What final challenge?
Henry Sr.: Three devices of such lethal cunning.
Indy: Booby traps?
Henry Sr.: Oh yes! But I found the clues that will safely take us through, in the chronicles of Saint Anselm.
Indy: Well, what are they? [Henry Sr. tries to recall] Can't you remember?
Henry Sr.: I wrote them down in my diary, so that I wouldn't have to remember them.
Indy: Half the German Army's on our tail, and you want me to go to Berlin? Into the lion's den?!
Henry Sr.: Yes! The only thing that matters is the Grail.
Indy: What about Marcus?
Henry Sr.: Marcus would agree with me!
Indy: [sarcastically] Two selfless martyrs. Jesus Christ-
Henry Sr.: [soft-slaps Indy] That's for blasphemy! [Indy looks away incredulously] The quest for the Grail is not archaeology - it's a race against evil! If it is captured by the Nazis, the armies of darkness will march all over the face of the Earth! Do you understand me?
Indy: This is an obsession, Dad! I never understood it. Never! Neither did Mom.
Henry Sr.: [clearly hurt] Oh yes, she did. Only too well. Unfortunately, she kept her illness from me. Until all I could do was mourn her.
[An undercover Indy confronts Elsa Schneider at a Nazi rally in Berlin, taking his father's diary back from her]
Elsa: You came back for the book? Why?
Indy: My father didn't want it incinerated.
Elsa: Is that what you think of me? I believe in the Grail, not the Swastika!
Indy: Yet you stood up to be counted with the enemy of everything the Grail stands for! Who gives a damn what you think?!
Elsa: [pleadingly] You do!
Indy: [grabs her by the throat] All I have to do is squeeze.
Elsa: All I have to do is scream.
[Indy lets her go]
[Indy, in disguise as the German waiter, walks up to Colonel Vogel, who's looking for him and his father]
Indy: Tickets, please.
Colonel Vogel: Was? (What?) [shocked to see Indy]
[Then Indy punches Vogel and throws him out of the window of the airship and onto the pile of luggage, shocking the passengers]
Indy: [referring to Vogel] No ticket.
[Then the passengers held their tickets in fear, crying "Ticket!"]
[During the dogfight]
Indy: Dad, you're going to have to use the machine gun. Get it ready! [Henry turns around and gets the gun ready] Eleven o'clock! Dad! Eleven o'clock!
Henry Sr.: [checking his pocket watch] What happens after eleven o'clock?
Indy: [frantically gesturing] Twelve, eleven, ten! Eleven o'clock! Fire! [Henry attempts to shoot the Nazi plane with the machine gun, but accidentally shoots the biplane's own tail] Dad, are we hit?
Henry Sr.: More or less. Son, I'm sorry. They got us.
[After they crash-landed the plane on the ground to get away from the Nazis]
Henry Sr.: [softly] Those people are trying to kill us!
Indy: [aggravated]I KNOW, DAD!
Henry Sr.: [cowed, quietly] Well, it's a new experience for me.
Indy: [hands his father his suitcase and tips his hat] It happens to me all the time.
[After Henry flapped his umbrella and squawking like a seagull, causing the flock of seagulls to fly around the Nazi plane, which crashes to the ground]
Henry Sr.: [strolling with his umbrella] I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne. "Let my armies be the rocks, and the trees, and the birds in the sky." [chuckles]
[Indy is impressed]
[Henry have found Marcus inside the tank]
Henry Sr.: [overjoyed] Marcus!
Brody: [sees Henry, also overjoyed] Ah!
Henry Sr.: [doing the secret handshake] Genius of the res-tor-ation...
Brody: [doing the same] Aid our own re-sus-ci-tation! Henry! What are you doing here.
Henry Sr.: I'm getting you out of here, come on.
[But Colonel Vogel entered the tank, and was surprised to see Henry Sr. here]
Donovan: Colonel! Jones is getting away!
Colonel Vogel: [having just captured Henry Sr.] I think not, Herr Donovan.
Donovan: Not THAT Jones, the OTHER Jones!
[Cue Indiana riding away with a pack of horses]
Colonel Vogel: [torturing Henry to get answers] Tell me about this miserable little diary of yours. The book is useless and yet you come all the way back to Berlin to get it. Why? [slaps Henry in the face with his glove] Why? [slaps him again] What are you hiding? [slaps him again] What does the diary tell you that it doesn't tell us? [tries to slap him again; Henry grabs his wrist, stopping him]
Henry Sr.: [through his teeth] It tells me, that goose-stepping morons like yourself should try reading books instead of BURNING them!
[While Indy is fighting with Vogel on top of the tank, Henry Jones has just disarmed a Nazi soldier by squirting ink in his face from his fountain pen]
Brody: [meaningfully] Henry...the pen.
Henry Sr.: What?
Brody: Don't you see? The pen is mightier than the sword! [smiles goofily yet happily]
Indiana Jones: Shooting me won't get you anywhere.
Walter Donovan: You know something, Doctor Jones? You're absolutely right. [aims his gun at Henry Sr. and shoots him]
Jones: Dad? Dad?!
Henry Jones Sr.: Junior...
Elsa Schneider: No!
Donovan: GET BACK! [Indiana sets his father down on the floor; Sallah gives him a handkerchief to suppress the blood flow; Indiana, furiously turns to face him] You can't save him when you're dead! The healing power of the Grail is the only thing that can save your father now. It's time to ask yourself what you believe.
[Donovan has just died from drinking from a grail Schneider chose for him]
Grail Knight: He chose...poorly.
[Indy and Schneider go to the bank of grails and plates]
Elsa Schneider: It would not be made out of gold.
Indiana Jones: That's the cup of a carpenter. [looks at nondescript cup hidden deeply in the display and picks it up] There's only one way to find out. [glances at knight, fills cup and drinks]
Grail Knight: You have chosen...wisely. But the Grail cannot pass beyond the Great Seal. That is the boundary, and the price of immortality.
Sallah: Please - what is always with this "Junior"?
Henry Jones Sr.: That's his name: "Henry Jones, Junior."
Indiana Jones: I like "Indiana."
Henry Jones: We named the dog Indiana.
Marcus Brody: May we go home now, please?
Sallah: The dog? You are named after the dog? [laughs]
Indiana: [coldly] I've got a lot of fond memories of that dog.

About Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


  • The Ark of the Covenant was perfect. The Sankara Stones were way too esoteric. The Holy Grail was sort of feeble—but, at the same time, we put the father in there to cover for it. I mean, the whole reason it became a dad movie was because I was scared to hell that there wasn’t enough power behind the Holy Grail to carry a movie. So we kept pushing to have it function on some level—and to make it function for a father and a son. To make it that kind of a movie was the big risk and the big challenge, but also the thing that pulled it out of the fire. So, at the end of it, I was like, No more of these, baby. We’re done. I can’t think of anything else. We barely got by on the last one!



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  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
  • Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

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What is the famous line from Indiana Jones? ›

It belongs in a museum!” could always be considered a catchphrase, and Indiana Jones is heard saying it a few times throughout the five films.

Did Charlemagne say let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky? ›

"Let my armies be the rocks, and the trees, and the birds in the sky." It's a terrific moment and a wonderful line. Unfortunately, Charlemagne never said it.

What does Henry Jones say to Marcus Brody? ›

Marcus Brody: Aid our own re-sus-ci-tation. Henry, what are you doing here? Professor Henry Jones: It's a rescue. Come on.

What is the tagline of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? ›

He's back in an all new adventure.

What was the famous quote from Jones? ›

The most famous line of John Paul Jones was 'I have not yet begun to fight,' uttered in response to calls for his surrender at the Battle of Flamborough Head.

What did Indiana Jones call his sidekick? ›

Short Round's real name being Wan Li was established in the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Sourcebook and later mentioned on and in Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide.

What were the last words of Charlemagne? ›

Charlemagne, Emperor, Holy Roman Empire

"Lord, into Thy Hands I commend my spirit."

What was Charlemagne's famous quote? ›

Right action is better than knowledge; but in order to do what is right, we must know what is right.

What did Charlemagne keep under his pillow? ›

When in his old age he attempted to learn—practicing the formation of letters in his bed during his free time on books and wax tablets he hid under his pillow—”his effort came too late in life and achieved little success.” His ability to read—which Einhard is silent about, and which no contemporary source supports—has ...

What is the name of God in Indiana Jones? ›

Professor Henry Jones : The Name of God. Indiana Jones : The Name of God... Jehovah. Professor Henry Jones : But in the Latin alphabet, "Jehovah" begins with an "I".

What happened to Marcus in Indiana Jones? ›

In 1940, Marcus Brody retired as curator of the National Museum and accepted a position as dean of students at Marshall College. After Brody died in 1952, Indy lobbied hard for the bronze statue of Brody featured in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on the Marshall College grounds.

Who is Marcus Brody's wife? ›

Elizabeth Brody was the wife of Marcus Brody.

How old was Sean Connery in the Last Crusade? ›

Sean Connery played Harrison Ford's dad in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," but they were only 12 years apart. At the time of release, Ford was 47 and and Connery was 59 — though, somehow, it's never unbelievable when Connery calls Ford "Junior."

Who is the bad guy in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? ›

Walter Donovan is the main antagonist of the 1989 action-adventure film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the third installment in the Indiana Jones franchise.

What is the message of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? ›

So while Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a popcorn flick full of adventure and action, there is a strong message of fathers and sons reconciling and recognizing the value in each other. This is the message I believe Spielberg and co wanted to explore in this film.

What is Indiana Jones best known for? ›

Indiana Jones, American film character, an archaeologist and adventurer featured in a series of popular movies. The film Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), set in 1936, introduced Dr.

What does the Knight say in Indiana Jones? ›

Grail Knight : But choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you.

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