Bella Bodhi [Model] - Bio, Height, Body Stats, Family, Career and Net Worth  (2024)

Bella Bodhi is growing steadily in the modeling and social media world. She is a curvy model with exotic beauty that separates her from other females.

In this post, I will tell you about the model Bella Bodhi, her biography, height, body stats, and family details. Also, I will throw light on her career and net worth.

Who is Bella Bodhi?

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Bella Bodhi is a plus-size curvy model, Instagram influencer, and social media personality. She gained popularity after she started posting her stylish photos on social media. Due to her elegant and stylish personality, Bella Bodhi has become a popular name in modeling.

Early Life and Education

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There is no exact information available about Bella Bodhi’s date of birth. As per the available data, she was born around 1976-1981 in Budapest, Hungary. Hence, her current age stands around 40-45 years.

No information is available about her educational background as of now. However, it is available that she completed her education from the United Kingdom from a reputed educational institute.

Bella Bodhi Bio – Age, Height, Weight, Body Stats, and More

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Model Bella Bodhi looks stunning in every outfit she wears. The plus-size curvy model has got beautiful looks and a curvy body.

More importantly, Bella has an attractive face due to plastic surgery on her face. Here are some details about Bella Bodhi’s biography you should know:

  • Full Name – Bella Bodhi
  • Nickname – Belle
  • Birthplace – Budapest, Hungary
  • Birthdate – N/A
  • Height – 5’5″
  • Weight – 65-70 Kg
  • Body Stats – 46-30-48
  • Hair Color – Blonde
  • Eye Color – Blue
  • Nationality – Hungarian
  • Ethnicity – Mixed
  • Sexual Orientation – Heterosexual
  • Religion – Christianity

Personal Life – Boyfriend, Husband, and Children

The beautiful model, Bella Bodhi, prefers to keep her personal life details private. As of now, there is no information available about her boyfriend, husband, or children.

No reliable information has been informed about her marital status. I will update the details on this subject once I get to know about it.

Who all are there in Model Bella Bodhi’s Family?

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Since Bella Bodhi keeps her personal life private, no details are available about her family members. However, it is known that she was born to American parents in the United Kingdom. Her schooling took place there only and she grew up with her siblings.

Career and Net Worth

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From a young age, Bella Bodhi aspired to become a model. And she began modeling from her teenage during her school time. With them, she started getting a good response on her official Instagram account, Confidenceinmybody.

Now, Bella Bodhi is popular as a Hungarian model and she has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. She posts curvy photos on her IG account and receives a lot of love.

As a social media model, Bella Bodhi is a popular name in the modeling world. Her curvy photos with an element of eroticism really leave her followers stunned. She also sells her adult photos and videos on OnlyFans.

Owing to Bella Bodhi’s rising popularity and high brand value, many brands approach her to advertise their products. Hence, she enjoys promotional offers from brands of various categories such as sports, fashion, skincare, and apparel.

Bella Bodhi is a fashion enthusiast and fitness freak. She posts photos while doing meditation and exercise on her Instagram account. Today, she is a big name as a social media influencer.

As of 2021, Bella Bodhi’s net worth stands in the range of $300k-$450K. Her major sources of income include modeling and influencing.

Also, the Hungarian model earns through merchandising. And she also has a non-public gallery where she uploads her sensual photos and videos.

So, it would not be wrong to say she has multiple sources of income. Therefore, these sources contribute to an increment in her overall net worth. From this, it is clear that she is one of the growing entrepreneurs of the current time.

Lesser Known Facts About Bella Bodhi

  • Bella Bodhi is a fitness freak and she uploads her workout pics on her Instagram account.
  • She eats healthy food and follows a balanced diet.
  • She loves animals and she has a pet dog in her home.
  • Bella Bodhi has undergone many surgeries to augment her bust. And she looks stunning due to it.
  • The Hungarian model loves to travel to new locations. Her favorite travel destination is Bali.
  • She is a self-proclaimed soul healer and she spends a lot of time in meditation.

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Bella Bodhi [Model] - Bio, Height, Body Stats, Family, Career and Net Worth  (2024)
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